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  • This webpage is the landing page that introduces the view to the information about sulfur and how to buy sulfur. This webpage introduces the live blood and cellular matrix study. This webpage educates people about how to protect themselves from toxic chemtrails and from soil thats been depleted of sulfur. It teaches people about UN Agenda 21, Codex and the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. It helps people connect with IAHF and John Hammell
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  • This page will provide background information about sulfur and why organic sulfur crystals is NOT the same as MSM sold in capsule form.
  • This website will feature the benefits that members of the Life Blood and Cellular Matrix Study have observed while consuming organic sulfur crystals. It will also feature a link to joining the study.
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  • This webpage will enable the view to join the IAHF Life Blood Cellular Matrix Study and buy organic sulfur crystals.
  • This webpage will let the customer know they have successfully placed an order for Sulfur for Health Organic Sulfur.
  • This webpage tells the view that their transaction was not completed, and please to contact
  • This webpage provides background information about the Study Director of the IAHF Live Blood & Cellular Matrix and why organic sulfur cyrstals is your best way to fight Agenda 21 and the NWO's depopulation control agend.
  • This webpage provides contact information about best to contact the Study Director.
  • This webpage discloses the Privacy Statement for the website,
  • This RESOURCES webpage will help provide further articles, weblinks, and various mutli-media sources about sulfur, and related health topics. Visit this page often as new topics are updated on a regular basis.
  • This page is an excerpt from an interview with Patrick McGean, founder and Study Director for the Live Blood & Cellular Matrix Study. It describes in detail how organic sulfur crystals is different from MSM, why our soils and food are deficient of sulfur, and how sulfur deficiencies have been linked to degenerative diseases like cancer.
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  • This page will have information about how to remove toxins from the body. It will help people with Morgellons disease, cancer, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome,AIDS and other autoimmune diseases, as well as people with colds, flu, and for general health improvement.