Sulfur for Health

99.7% Pure Sulfur


Our soil has been seriously depleted of sulfur since the early 1950's due to the impact of petroleum based fertilizers. We're being sprayed with toxic chemtrails that are putting aluminum oxide, barium, and strontium into our air, water, and soil. By taking sulfur, we can detoxify and protect ourselves. See details on how sulfur protects us here. Breaking the "sulfur cycle" has triggered a quantum increase in the rate of every kind of degenerative disease.


Sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes to allow for optimal oxygen transport to the cells, and proper waste transport from the cells. Remove sulfur from the food we eat by removing it from the soil, and you can trigger a huge incidence of cancer and every other kind of degenerative disease: Heart Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Mental illness, Arthritis, Allergies, and so on.  

And... it all fuels the world's number one investment industry: the pharmaceutical industry. 

But there's hope! 

Organic Sulfur is an inexpensive FOOD, and we can use it to get off every kind of Rx drug and its side-effects! 

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