Sulfur for Health

99.7% Pure Sulfur

Join our IAHF Live Blood & Cellular Matrix Study  

We welcome study members who want to become part of our journey back to health and freedom! You don’t have to participate in our study to buy the sulfur, but if you do participate you’d not only be helping yourself, but others in the study as well.

We provide the organic sulfur crystals. You can order at the bottom of this page.

(OPTIONAL)  All we ask is that before you begin taking the sulfur, please consider taking a five megapixel or larger flash digital picture of your face without any make-up and record the date . While taking the sulfur, please take another digital picture every 3 months and record the date beside it.

Save these photos on your computer so you can see improvements in your cellular health! The health of your skin reflects the health of all the cells in your body. You don’t have to email these photos to us, but if you do, rest assured they will never be published anywhere, your privacy is protected, our only interest is in learning things that we can use to help others in the study!

This will help us create a photographic journal of the physical changes our study members have experienced while taking organic sulfur crystals. We also welcome hearing directly from our study members, and if you would like to share your specific experience with us, please let us know by calling us at 1-800-333-2553 (Pacific time) or sending us an email at  Outside North America you can reach us at +360-945-0352 Pacific time.

The cost of the sulfur is US$ 40.00/ lb plus $ 5.00 shipping within the USA for Priority Mail. Up to 4 lbs of sulfur will fit in a Priority Mail envelope, or International Express Mail.  Shipping costs are higher for international shipping. Calculate international shipping cost to your location here 

There are two shipping options below. The first menu is if you want to place a one time order (use the drop down menu if you want to order more than one pound.) The second menu is if you'd prefer autoshipping each month. Each menu has drop down options.

We recommend you mix sulfur with boiling water to eliminate chlorine which destroys sulfur. We recommend taking a TSP twice a day per 100 lbs of body weight (1/2 hr away from food, supplements and medication to insure you don't deactivate the sulfur). (At 200 lbs, I use 2 TSP/ 2x per day). A sweetener such as coconut sugar makes sulfur more palatable to drink.

For volume orders, or orders outside the US please contact us directly. We will only create wholesale accounts for people with retail businesses including health food stores, hair salons, gyms, doctors offices & require a minimum purchase of 10 lbs or more to start. Wholesale pricing is 20% off retail ($32/lb).

Thank you for your order!  




Payment Options


For Wholesale Orders of 10- 20 lbs, and for Foreign Orders Use the link below. For 10 lbs within the USA (FREE SHIPPING) pay $320.      

For 10 lb orders outside the USA inquire about shipping cost by first emailing me at       

Contact me at if you are a retailer, alternative practitioner or have a group that will reorder if you want to buy 20 lbs or more at the discounted rate of $22/ lb + ($16.85 US shipping).