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John Hammell, President of International Advocates for Health Freedom became the Study Director for THE IAHF LIVE BLOOD AND CELLULAR MATRIX STUDY as a way to encourage the health freedom fighters of the world to do the simplest and most effective thing humanly possible to defend their health and to oppose Big Pharma and the New World Order: INGEST ORGANIC SULFUR!

Organic Sulfur: The Missing Link to Regenerating Cellular Health, Boosting Immunity and Reducing Pain and inflammation. By John Hammell.

People on the IAHF list have been alerted to the fact that the United Nations has a population control agenda called Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 provides the impetus for the Codex Alimentarius campaign to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range and to the most effective dietary supplements.

John Hammell was the first person in the world  to call Codex to public attention via an article in Life Extension Magazine in 1996, and also to the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which the elite intend to usher mindless Codex supplement restrictions into North America. See John in the documentary film  We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom .  A portion of Sulfur for Health's profits will be used to make an updated version of this film so we can get Congressional oversight on  FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter  which is how the FDA is trying to force this agenda down our throats here in North America!! 

Get health freedom updates by signing on to the    IAHF list    , and also   help our Canadian allies get an injunction filed against Health Canada to stop the destruction of health freedom on our northern flank!

We are monkey wrenching this scam and
 need your help!

The elite intend to radically cull our numbers in an effort to make us all slaves on their desired global plantation. Via UN Agenda 21, zoning laws are being changed to force people out of rural areas and to destroy family farms via red tape.

The intention is to drive us all off the land and to force us into cities where we can be more easily controlled. Massive grass roots bipartisan opposition to this collectivist anti-private property rights agenda is being driven by IAHF and several allied groups including American PolicyCenter , Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 , Freedom Advocates and others.


The elite's intention is to dumb us down via outcomes based education, and to make us sick so we can be more easily controlled. They're very consciously trying to destroy our cellular health and to lower our sperm counts. They fluoridate our water. our air, water, and soil are being poisoned via geochemical known as "chem trails". 

Chem trails contain a mixture of toxic heavy metals: aluminum oxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide, mycoplasma and other toxins.  Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease, barium and strontium cause cancer.  See the list of chemtrail related illnesses here. 

Aluminum also lowers the pH to make the soil too acidic and kills off plants and vegetation. Soil samples have been showing a level of aluminum in the soil more than 4x higher than what is considered safe for plant growth.  They're blocking us from being able to grow food this way. Monsanto has patented aluminum resistant, GM (genetically modified) seeds to resist these chem sprays.  Please watch G. Edward Griffin's hard hitting documentary film  "What in the World Are They Spraying?"  to learn more .

INTRODUCING ORGANIC SULFUR : Our simplest and best weapon against the ruling elite's population control agenda! We're under major biochemical assault, but we're not defenseless!

Go here to learn how sulfur protects us from toxic aluminum, barium and strontium in chemtrails!

Our goal is to catalyze more widespread awareness to this threat, as well as to provide the best weapon to oppose this criminal population control agenda: organic sulfur!  Ingesting supplemental organic sulfur is our best defense because it helps us detoxify, oxygenate, and keep our cells running at optimal efficiency despite the intentional poisoning of our soil, water and air and despite the effort to ban our access to organic food and to dietary supplements!   

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